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          Faceunity is deeply involved in the integration and innovation of computer graphics and artificial intelligence.
          We depict people’s voices and smiles and depict the brilliance of objects with technology.
          We are committed to creating a more realistic digital world for all mankind.

          Company Profile

          Faceunity was founded in 2016 with the vision of being a metaverse builder and the mission of creating a more realistic digital world. Faceunity focuses on the deep integration of computer graphics and artificial intelligence technologies to promote XR technology innovation and industrial applications. The self-developed Virtual Digital Avatar Engine and Hyper-realistic Digital Object Platform have been successfully applied on a large scale in more than 1,000 enterprises domestically and abroad.

          Mission We aim to create a more realistic digital world.

          Vision Metaverse Builder

          Values Simple, honest, realistic, innovative, superior and win-win

          Technology Realization
          Strong R&D Team

          The team is led by the world's top graphic experts and includes members from internationally renowned companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Huawei. In 2018, we established the Joint Laboratory for Intelligent Graphics Computing with Zhejiang University to bring together high-caliber talent to lead XR technology innovation.

          Self-developed and controllable core technologies

          We focus on XR technology innovation and have developed our own 3D reconstruction technology. We have explored facial tracking, AR rendering, physical simulation, TTS and other core technologies, published more than 60 papers in ACM SIGGRAPH, the top conference in the field of computer graphics, and obtained more than 40 invention patents and software copyrights.

          Trustworthy and reliable products and services

          Faceunity adheres to the concept of honest management and putting the customer first and has served more than 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises in intelligent terminals, convergence media, interactive entertainment, social networking, and finance among others and has gained unanimous recognition from many well-known customers.

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          Test Request

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