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          AI Virtual Assistant

          Customized interactive experiences are available on demand.
          On duty 24/7 to facilitate the intelligent upgrade of enterprise customer service systems.

          Solution Introduction
          Based on cutting-edge Faceunity technologies that include virtual image and mouth shape generation, multi-terminal rendering, dual-mode drive and deep learning technology, coupled with the help of APP, smart screen, PC, mini programs, H5, smart speaker and other terminal display forms, we provide users with the quality interaction, consultation, explanation, customer services, guided tours and other services that a real person can offer.
          Solution Architecture
          Financial Customer Service
          Government Assistant
          In-vehicle Assistant
          Smart Tour Guide
          Medical Assistant
          Solution Formats
          Mini program
          Service Methods
          Standard SDK
          Cloud deployment push
          Core Functions
          Image creation and rendering
          • Image selection / customization

          • 3D image rendering in real time

          • High performance physical simulation

          Image drive animation
          • Mouth and lip drive animation

          • Dynamic expressions

          • Responsive movement

          Scene interaction
          • Text broadcasting

          • TTS

          • Multi-modal interaction

          Underlying technology
          Voice Recognition
          Semantic Understanding
          3D Reconstruction
          Physical simulation
          Rendering Engine
          Intelligent drive
          Solution Features
          Compatible with mainstream voices

          Our avatars can adapt seamlessly to a customer's original TTS, ASR and NLP, and support the conversion of text-to-speech conversations into question-and-answer mode for virtual images.

          Image style customization

          We allow users to create tailor-made AI avatars, including 3D cartoon people, 3D animals, 3D simulated people, 2.5D virtual avatars, real-life deep learning, etc., so as to meet the needs of customization in a variety of situations.

          Voice and mouth shape synchronization

          We allow real-time mouth shape synchronization based on the content of Q&A to achieve consistent voice-driven mouth shape synchronization and drive multi-modal interaction with avatars.

          Rich expressions and movements

          We use unique BlendShape computer graphic synthesis technology to drive and blend the face of the avatar and display realistic expressions. The models can support any movement, which enhances the expressiveness of the image.

          Adaptation for Multiple Clients

          We allow both online and local rendering, providing a wide range of professional virtual avatars compatible with mini programs, H5 pages, APP, smart screens, in-vehicle assistant, mobile and windows platforms.

          Flexible tag setting

          Personalized configuration of emotions and actions in voice chat allows users to create rich and accurate expressions for quiz scenarios.

          Financial Customer Service
          Government Assistant
          In-vehicle Assistant
          Medical Assistant
          Smart Tour Guide
          Process of cooperation

          Demo application

          Business consulting

          Integration testing

          Starting cooperation

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          Test Request

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