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          Digital Solutions for Cultural Artifacts

          FaceUnity’s unique high-fidelity 3D digital technology employs 3D scanning to obtain spatial information and photogrammetry for color information and is capable of quickly and accurately restoring the vitality of complex 3D objects. At present, the technology has served multiple large-scale national cultural institutions, facilitating the digital preservation of precious cultural artifacts.

          Solution Flow
          01 Data Scanning
          02 Image Capture
          03 3D Reconstruction
          04 Effect Presentation
          Feature Highlights

          Accurate and Efficient Data Scanning

          High-performance, non-contact 3D Zeiss scanners enable manual/semi-automatic/automatic scanning to ensure the safety of the cultural artifacts under inspection, solve various complex tasks related to measurement and detection, and produce accurate 3D models.
          Strong Performance
          Leading Technology
          High Security

          Professional, All-Round Image Capture

          The full-frame SLR camera and professional studio are used to take multi-angle photos of the cultural artifacts and guarantee the highest possible image quality with 8k resolution, providing a wealth of high-quality materials for visual reconstruction and texture mapping.

          Intelligent, Speedy 3D Reconstruction

          Advanced, multi-view stereo visual matching and 3D reconstruction technology are employed to automatically estimate the high-resolution images collected, and depth feature matching completes the digital reconstruction of the actual objects. At the same time, the enhanced precision manual adjustment and calibration function provide accurate camera position parameters for texture mapping, automatically sampling the color of the artifact images and finally generating the high-resolution, clear texture essential to high-fidelity texture mapping.
          3D Scanning Model
          Texture Mapping Model

          Easy-to-Use Software

          We provide one-stop reconstruction and optimization and simple, safe, and stable operation. The post-processing function allows for professional photo comparison and quick batch retouching to achieve high-fidelity texture mapping.

          Luminous Presentation

          We support ultra-high resolution photos — clear and true glossy texture – and support 8k resolution for the highest image quality possible.
          Exquisite Restoration
          Dazzling Brilliance
          A True Representation of Cultural Artifacts
          Digital Management of Cultural Artifacts
          Cultural Artifacts Restoration
          Immersive Interaction
          Intelligent Manufacturing
          Film & Entertainment

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